Hello, this is Boris.

I am european, born ’73, mixed blood italian, austrian, russian. 

Engineer from academic background, I have a 20 years’ career in the beauty industry: after a comprehensive experience in marketing, at both levels strategic and operational, I have become general manager of well-known brands, leading businesses and teams in Italy and abroad. 

This is a very difficult moment for all of us, professionals, business owners, retailers, sales executives. That is why today my partners and myself we offer our experience, our advice, our time….our help! to those who may need it. Absolutely for free. We are driven by a genuine sense of generosity.

Other relevant information about me:

I have a natural interest for international culture. I am fluent in 5 languages. My studies, my assignments, my missions of leading teams throughout 4 continents, in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, have given me the opportunity of creating a great network of people, both professional and personal, which I am really proud of. 

I am crazy for my two nieces, Emilia and Margherita. They are an incredible source of tenderness and love. Thanks to their inspiration I have published 5 fairytales books up to date. I am currently about to launch en e-commerce in the books for kids category too. In fact I have a passionate experience with e-commerce: 10 years ago I created with a small group of friends, an e-commerce platform in second-hand fashion, inspired by Vestiaire Collective successful case history. 

I have a big passion for creativity. I have been a pianist and my life would be nothing without music, theatre and performance. I am actually working on the production of a collection of mini-videos to provide to my audience a personal perspective on what they called Made in Italy

I live in Milan since 3 years and I am happily engaged.